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MODEL INFORMATION SHEET St. Julie Fashion Show October 4, 2012 Georgios Banquets (All Information is Confidential and it is very important that the information you supply is accurate and that you
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing model information sheet
Hey whats up guys so today I want to respond to a question that someone asked me in my inbox the question was what is the ideal height and weight for a male model alright so the ideal height for a male model typically is between 510 and 6-3 now there are some models who are shorter than 510 and still work in so if youre shorter than 510 theres Opportunities for you to do a lot of commercial prints and even some commercials and TV commercials But if youre under 510 is going to be very difficult for you to find work in Runway And thats because designers usually make clothes for taller models And you know when youre walking on the stage usually theyd like to see taller models taking longer strides on the stage So its going to be very difficult for a shorter model to fit into that category and then if youre actually over 63 Theres potential work for you as well You know Ive seen a lot of NBA players Who Are 6 6 and up Doing some modeling work But ideally you want to be between 5 10 and 6 3 because thats the range where youre going to get the most opportunities Your agent is going to be able to easily market to you and push you out there So youll be you know wide open to a whole variety of work now as far as the body size and the body type Ideally you want to be athletic and toned you want to keep your body fat percentage as low as possible somewhere between 5 to maybe 10 is a good body fat percentage for male models to have and Im going to be talking about it more in another video Ill tell you how to calculate your body fat Ill tell you what are some ways that you can lose some body fat percentage if youre over 10 so Im so stay tuned Something else to keep in mind for the body type Is that you want to be between a size 38 to size 40 suits now if youre between the size 38 to size 40 suits and youre athletic and youre between the height of 510 to 63 youre going to get tons of work and theres so much opportunities for you to do all types of different work now There are some models in New York who are actually and even in Europe - who are actually Less than a 38 sized suit so Ive seen some models where like a 36 And thats like more for Slender boyish look and there are a lot of high-fashion models Who are who fit that category and theyre getting a lot of works now if youre bigger than a 40 suit size And youre pretty muscular Theres opportunities for you to do some fitness modeling and thats a whole different ballgame so just a quick recap so you want to be between 510 and 6-3 you want to keep your suit size between 538 suits to a forty suits and you want to have an athletic and toned body type With a body fat percentage of five to ten percent now This is just a general guideline And this is just kind of like the typical range that we get you can most work however There is no rules when it comes to modeling Agents and clients find different niches and different interests every now and then Ive seen plus-sized male models Ive seen shorter male models...